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Ultra-fast fibre speed

All our plans offer symmetric fibre optic upload and download speeds of 600 Mb.

Quick and easy subscription and installation, all free of charge

Valid for all fibre optic and mobile plans.

Second Home Internet

The ON/OFF service allows you to freeze your Funk plan for as long as you need.

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You can subscribe – with no minimum contract length – to a 600 Mb fibre optic plan for €24.99/month plus a one-off installation charge of €60.50. However, if you opt to commit to a minimum of 12 months, you can subscribe to the plan for €24.99/month.

You can only subscribe to the service if you have no minimum contract period.

Fibre optic installation is free of charge with the Funk, Pop, Rock, Rock&Roll and Heavy plans that have an offer associated with them. A fee of €60.50 is applied to plans that do not have a minimum length of contract associated with them and that do not have the installation cost included.