Check the speed of your connection with the AVATEL speed test

Before taking the test...

From AVATEL we inform you of the keys to carry out the speed test in the most appropriate way to obtain the most reliable results:

1. Carry out the test always connecting the cable to your device, never with Wifi.
2. Close all open programs and make sure there are no other connected devices in the home.
3. Disable the antivirus and keep in mind that some operating systems use up to 5% of your line’s capacity in “network operations”.

Learn more about the reliability of speed tests

The results of a speed test and its reliability depend on many factors: connecting the computer to the router via cable and not via Wi-Fi, performing the test at different times of the day, that no user is using the Internet at that time…

Although the contracted fiber optic service supports all the speed without problems, it is very unlikely that the client will see it reflected in a speed test, since physical connections transmit additional data that is not reflected in the test, but that occupies bandwidth band. This only happens with all fiber connections on the market. The download and upload speed does not only depend on what you have contracted, but also on the external servers to which you connect, therefore, most of the time external servers do not reach 100% of the contracted speed.